Launch of the publication: Energy and Development in Brazil

Publication: Energy and Development in Brazil

May 19, 2020


Professor emeritus José Goldemberg reiterated the main message of his study, which indicates that the path for Brazil’s development is the most efficient use of energy resources.

During the conversation, ex-president Fernando Henrique Cardoso stressed the importance of public policies directed towards energy efficiency, remembering that this was the main instrument applied in 2001 to enable the recovery from the Crisis Blackout.

Goldemberg highlighted that Brazil already has the legal instruments to introduce energy efficiency measures. He also recalled that energy conservation measures are small-scale investments and are therefore conducive to the current situation of budgetary restrictions.

The event was moderated by Ana Toni, the executive director of Institute for Climate and Society, and had final comments from Luiz Barroso, the CEO of PSR Energy Consulting and Analytics.



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