Edition: Investment in energy in the global crisis

Black Swan and Energy Transition

The impact of the global crisis on investment in energy

4th edition

May 7, 2020


In the fourth episode of the series Black Swan and Energy Transition, Kingsmill Bond, an energy strategist at Carbon Tracker, presented an overview of the implications of the crisis on investment in energy.

According to the expert, the weakening of the demand for fossil fuels will force the closure of the plants with the highest operating costs and will lead to a large number of stranded assets worldwide. The context is more favorable for renewable energies, which have better rates of return on investment and increasing gains of productivity with the technological development.

The event was moderated by Gustavo Pinheiro, the coordinator of the low carbon economy portfolio of the Institute for Climate and Society (iCS).

The Black Swan and Energy Transition series is organized by the Institute E+ Energy Transition, which closely monitors the impacts that the global crisis is causing in the worldwide energy sector.



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