Edition: Energy Transition in Germany: Green Hydrogen

Webinar series: Energy Transition in the World

Energy Transition in Germany: Green Hydrogen

3rd edition

June 17, 2020


Start of the Webinar: 30’36 ”


The Energy Transition in the World series of webinars, in its third edition, presented Germany’s technological advances in the production of Green Hydrogen.

With the “Wasserstoff National Strategy” (NWS), the German federal government is creating a coherent framework of action for future production, transport and subsequent use of hydrogen.

By defining the necessary steps to contribute to the achievement of the climate targets, the NWS hopes to create new value chains for the German economy and further develop international energy and political cooperation.

Organized by the E+ Energy Transition Institute, the series maps the challenges and solutions for energy transition in the different regions of the world.

The webinar had the chairman of the board of German Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Association (DWV), Werner Diwald, as speaker, and was moderated by Luiz Barroso, the CEO of PSR.



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